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  • Victory at the Montreal Supercross!

Victory at the Montreal Supercross!

Victory at the Montreal Supercross!

Victory at the Montreal Supercross!

Dylan Wright earns his first 250cc Montreal Supercross Victory!



The marquee Montreal Supercross returned to the Olympic Stadium for the 2019 showing.  In conjunction with the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Championship, the MTL SX is also the opening round of the SX Tour portion of the Triple Crown Series.  Hot off his MX Tour Championship in August, and his previous AX Tour Championship in April, Dylan Wright is the man on top right now. We caught up with Dylan after he earned his first 250cc Montreal Supercross victory.



Race day strategy / consistency:

“Tonight was just about riding mellow, staying safe, and staying on the bike…somewhat (laughs), and not crashing too hard.   I mean, that’s just kind of what I’ve been doing all year and it’s helped me win.  I really would have liked to win a moto tonight because I felt like that second moto was mine but we’re still stoked to get the Overall tonight.”



Starts / Crash in Moto 1 start:

“I definitely wasn’t thinking that I had a chance (for the overall) when I was laying down in the first turn.  The first turn was tricky, it was hard packed and guys were going for it, so it was tough and a lot of us fell there tonight.  I knew I just had to get through there, so for the second moto I lined up further outside to play it safer and I still just made it through…”



Moto 2 race battle / Track Conditions / Contention for the Overall Victory:

“I felt good, I tried to make something happen on Luke (Renzland) then I came out of a turn and saw a down rider and I got cross rutted off the lip and thought ‘oh no, this ain’t going good’ and it kind of just messed me up mentally from then on so I knew it wasn’t smart to keep pushing. The track was gnarly after the quads and stuff so it wasn’t ideal to over-ride it and I was just thinking about getting out of here healthy and moving on to the next round - I honestly wasn’t even thinking that I had the overall!”



250cc Results;

1st – Dylan Wright (5-2)

2nd – Luke Renzland (9-1)

3rd – Mathias Jorgenson (6-4)

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